Who Is Craig Layne?

Professional. Father. Nerd. Entertainer. Not necessarily in that order.

Craig Layne is the definition of "Jack of all trades."

Working in the utility sector, Craig is a supervisor of analytics professionals by trade. He has worked his way through the ranks from hands on electrical experience, to engineering support, and now analytical expertise.

When he isn't building his career, Craig is spending time doing what he loves, being nerdy. Web design, blogging, podcasting, social media, video games, bbq, you name it. He is constantly chasing his next favorite hobby and is always excited to venture into new experiences.

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I recorded #Svengoolie last week and am just now watching it. Have to get caught up before House of Frankenstein tonight.

It's a 3-way! Playing Zombies Ate My Neighbors with @MovieguysJosh & @mrmacnugget. Join us on our path to 100 follows! #smallstreamer #twitchstreamer #Halloween

Whatever you do, don't cross the streams! - New Ghostbusters II [NES] w/ @mrmacnugget (Link in bio)
#TwitchStreamers #NES #Halloween

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