Who Is Craig Layne?

Professional. Father. Nerd. Entertainer. Not necessarily in that order.

Craig Layne is the definition of "Craig of all trades."

Working in the utility sector, Craig is a manager of analytics, technology, and continuous improvement professionals by trade. He has worked his way through the ranks from hands on electrical experience, to engineering support, and now analytical expertise.

When he isn't building his career, Craig is spending time doing what he loves, being nerdy. Web design, blogging, podcasting, social media, video games, bbq, you name it. He is constantly chasing his next favorite hobby and is always excited to venture into new experiences.

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For folks that watch twitch streams: how important are channel points to you? I'm considering cancelling my affiliate agreement and channel points are the only thing really holding me back #Twitch #TwitchStreamers

Something to consider:
Now would probably be a wise time to stop using Twitter as a login method on other websites. Even if you aren't leaving Twitter. I'm just not sure you want to rely on that service for the time being.

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