[PSA] Don’t Judge Cell Service by the Number of Bars You have.

For some time now I have noticed people complain that Phone a gets better service than Phone B. One would expect the user was having dropped calls, poor quality, or no Internet connectivity which leads them to believe that they suffer from poor reception. However, this is not the case at all, phone a apparently […]


Linux Mint enable two-finger scrolling (multitouch)

My one gripe with my laptop and pretty much any linux distro is the fact that I lost 2-finger scrolling. Finally, with little searching I have found a solution: Install gpointing-device-settings sudo apt-get install gpointing-device-settings Run gpointing-device-settings Select the “Scrolling” tab. Check all that applay Enjoy your new 2-Finger Scrolling


Verizon MiFi open NAT for XBOX Live with DD-WRT

Recently a friend of mine purchased a Verizon Novatel MiFi 2200. This was his only option for home broadband, and for playing XBOX Live. The MiFi has built in port forwarding options for common tasks, but does not allow custom ports or applications to be added. There was no option for XBOX Live, and no […]