Increasing Asus RT-N16/RT-N66U Wifi Range, performance, and functionality

TL;DR – For those of you who just want the facts, here is a list summing up the article: Step 1: Install Tomato USB (Guide for RT-N16 and Guide for RT-N66U) Place in central location (placement is key) Install high gain antennas (These will work on both the RT-N16 and RT-N66U) Optional overkill: Install heatsinks […]


Verizon MiFi open NAT for XBOX Live with DD-WRT

Recently a friend of mine purchased a Verizon Novatel MiFi 2200. This was his only option for home broadband, and for playing XBOX Live. The MiFi has built in port forwarding options for common tasks, but does not allow custom ports or applications to be added. There was no option for XBOX Live, and no […]