WordPress PHP memory usage – a proposal

Recently I switched hosts and upon transferring my sites quickly noticed that I was having some PHP: out of memory errors.

I only use the bare minimum plugins and have all of my themes optimized to limit PHP usage. I don’t use widgets, and if it can be hard coded using plain html, it is.

But still, I was out of memory. After some research I found that most of my issues were occurring in the admin panel, and not the main site. While this was a relief, this did leave me with limited admin functionality.

I was able to correct the issue by increasing my php memory limit from 32mb to 64mb, but I hardly feel this is a solution.

Why is wordpress using so much memory? This is a question that I feel needs investigated.

A Solution: Allow users to put together a custom wordpress install, just enabling features that are needed for that particular blog.

I do not need al of the feeds on the admin homepage, I do not need template editors, I do not need widgets, I do not need trackbacks or pingbacks, I do not need a plugin editor…. The list goes on.

So why not allow advanced users the option to install what would essentially a vanilla version of wordpress? Sure, I could make these changes now, but it makes updating a pain because everything would have to be re-applied.

For now this is just something to think about, but if you have any input as to how I am wrong (as I’m sure I am) feel free to leave a comment.

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