Updated: Asus RT-N16, initial thoughts

UPDATE: After testing several builds of DD-WRT I was unable to get port forwarding working. While uPNP did the job, it just wasn’t what I wanted. After fighting with DD-WRT I flashed Tomato. Tomato has been running stable ever since. I have yet to encounter a single issue. I highly recommend Tomato for this router. […]


Set-up Ubuntu to edit Android APK’s (Apps) using Apk Manager

NOTE: This post is rather outdated and is currently being revised. Proceed on at your own risk. Adding the ability to edit Android apps (apk’s) in Ubuntu is fairly easy, but lacks documentation. The following steps are what worked for me on my system, but please continue at your own risk. Since every system is […]


Un-Bricking the WZR-HP-G300NH router

A while back I completely bricked my Buffalo WZR-HP G300NH router. I was trying to flash Open-WRT from DD-WRT in an effort to fix an issue with Wifi constantly dropping. Needless to say, something went wrong and I would up with a virtually lifeless router. I tried following the guide found here, but after many […]


WordPress Update Failed: Warning: touch() [function.touch]: Unable to create file…

Recently, I reconfigured on of my WordPress installations to run as WordPress MU, instead of the standard, single site platform. This was perfect for me because now every time I create a new site, I don’t have to create a new database, install plugins, ect. It really gives me a head start with a basic template for […]


Burger Time Arcade Game Discovery

Yesterday was probably one of my best days all summer. The weather was perfect, not hot not cold, no rain, just a bright and sunny day. My friend Josh had arranged to go and pickup an arcade game that he had heard about on tradio (radio classified ads). We had no clue what we were […]


Install Ubuntu Netbook Remix on Ubuntu Karmic

Please Note: This is experimental. It may have bugs, flaws and may not work for every configuration. Continue at your own risk. Have you heard about Ubuntu Netbook Remix? If not there is some good information on it, and installation instructions here. But if you are like me, already have Ubuntu installed, and want to […]


Adding extra repositories to Ubuntu Karmic

This guide is probably one of the first, most essential things to do to any Ubuntu install. This is specifically for Ubuntu Karmic, but can be used as a reference point for other versions. The Graphical Way: Go to System => Administration => Synaptic Package Manager => Settings => Reposotories Here you can select which […]


WordPress Services

I am now offering my WordPress services here, via my website. The following are services that I regularly offer, but I can do much much more. Please contact me if you dont see what you need listed here. Services: WordPress Installation service: $20 With this service you will get WordPress installed on your server, and […]


WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

Time and time again, I find that people are confused by WordPress.com, and WordPress.org. What is the the difference? They are both WordPress right? Which one is right for me? Keep reading, all of your questions will be answered. What is WordPress? The first question we will address is What is WordPress? In short, WordPress […]


Contacting Bloggers

Have you ever found yourself wanting to get in touch with another blogger, or website owner, and realize that they don’t have a contact page? Don’t worry, following these simple steps you will be in touch quicker than you ever imagined. The very first step is to look for a contact page. This will be […]